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Things are tough all over, not least of all here at Long Song Pictures. Buying your DVD direct, from this site, affords the filmmakers a significantly higher royalty. Fulfillment is through CreateSpace, which offers fast, reliable delivery and the highest level of customer service. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

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Each week we’ll put up a new clip from the cutting room floor. These segments aren’t in the feature film, and they aren’t in the DVD extras. This week we have Om’s Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius answering the question, “When is a song done?”



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“…what makes this documentary work is that it was born from within the scene.” – HARP

“…this ain’t no chin-scratching academic text; it’s raw live footage…” – SF Weekly

“The best documentation of our music ever done.” – Wino

“The first time anyone’s gotten the Sleep story right.” – Al Cisneros

A documentary feature with:

Acid King | Across the River | The Atomic Bitchwax | Bardo Pond | Brant Bjork | Comets on Fire | Dead Meadow | Earthless | Fatso Jetson | High on Fire | Kyuss | Mammatus | Nebula | The Obsessed | Om | Pearls and Brass | Saint Vitus | Sleep | sunn O))) | Thrones

For every music fan who says rock ’n’ roll ain’t what it used to be; for every pundit who concurs with Hunter S. Thompson’s assessment of the music business as “a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free;” there are an equal number who will say that the business of creating and releasing innovative and satisfying music is as healthy as ever — it’s just done on a smaller scale.

Such Hawks, Such Hounds is a testament to the vitality of rock music. Relying only marginally on nostalgia, it says that at any point in history, the music being made is as worthy of attention as that of times past. It’s an introduction to an underheralded subgenre and a realization of its cinematic possibilities.

Such Hawks tells a story that needs to be told. Since the Alternative Revolution of the early 1990s, there has been a heightened interest in music with roots in the underground, hence such excellent genre studies as Hype!, Scratch and American Hardcore. While a similar celebration of sounds held dear, Such Hawks captures a moment as it is happening.

Such Hawks explores the music and musicians of the American hard rock underground circa 1970-2007, focusing on the psychedelic and ’70s proto-metal-derived styles that have in recent years formed a rich tapestry of unclassifiable sounds.